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Agoo is Japanese for a type of flying fish. This gem flies. It is a high performance HTTP server that serves static resource at hundreds of thousands of fetches per second. A simple hello world Ruby handler at over 100,000 requests per second on a desktop computer. That places Agoo at about 85 times faster than Sinatra and 1000 times faster than Rails. In both cases the latency was two orders of magnitude lower or more. Checkout the benchmarks. Note that the benchmarks had to use a C program called Perfer to hit the Agoo limits. Ruby benchmarks driver could not push Agoo hard enough.

Agoo supports the Ruby rack API which allows for the use of rack compatible gems such as Hanami and Rails. Agoo also supports WebSockets and SSE.

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2.0.0 Released

April 04, 2018

Version 2.0 was the start of a number of new features starting with WebSockets support and continuing with an easy to use and fast GraphQL implementation for Ruby.