Pipe Bass

After deciding to learn to play the upright bass or rather the electric upright bass (EUB) I quickly learned that even the EUB was pretty bulky and awkward to travel with on the train. Pretty soon I was dreaming about how to make my own EUB that would come apart and be easier to travel with.

My time in the shop would be limited as I was traveling back and forth to Toronto and my shop, limited as it was, was in Nevada City California. I wanted the bass to look good and be unique. I also had some cherry from trees I had cut down many decades ago from where I grew up on Long Island. So this new bass would be made from that cherry and would come apart for travel.

The first trip was spent making the tuner head. Okay, maybe the first two trips. It took a fair amount of welding and filing to get the head made. Thats the rough head leaning against the cherry board.

That's not how the cherry started out. It was rough cut with a chainsaw and had to be squared and planed smooth with a hand plane. That was quite a chore.

Next step was planing the board to get a 7 inch radius. That made a lot of curls.

After planing the radius the board was cut at a taper.

Apply a finish to bring out the grain and color.

A little look at what the neck and head will look like together.

Now the reason for the name "pipe bass". A piece of stainless steel exhaust pipe with a half sphere end cap. The end cap has a nut and washer welded in place to hold the very long endpin.

Thats a Krivo bass pickup. Awesome pickup.

Fitting some of the pieces together. So far according to design.

Stringing it up.

Done! Here are the details.