Suitcase Bass

The first home built Electice Upright Bass (EUB) worked out pretty well and sounds just like a bass. One would hope that was the case. It takes a bit to break down and is still pretty large so maybe version two will be smaller and not require substantial tuning after being put back together.

The picture shown is in Toronto after carrying the bass on the plane. It required a few changes after the picture was taken as the action was a bit too great so playing was more difficult than it needed to be.

This is now my everyday bass and I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

As with the first EUB it all starts with a piece of cherry although the neck was store bought this time. The body is to be cherry from Long Island.

Some progress was made after the first trip. The top part of the backbone and the non-adjustable head were completed and the neck cut in half.

Here's how the head, backbone, and neck fit together.

More progress with the body starting to take shape and the fret marks have been drilled and plugged. A few more parts have been made as well. The uppermost piece with the Salsa seat post clamp holds the extended endpin and is screwed onto the back of the body.

The upper slides into the lower for a tight no wobble fit. The flange serves two purposes. It aligns the upper and lower and also is attached to the neck to hold them in position.

The neck looks great with some finish on it,

The parts have some polish now.

The tuners are at the bottom of the body. The are a combination of a part I made with some welding and grinding while the barrel adjustor was bought. With a lever action the tuners are then locked in place. Fine tuning is then accomplished with the barrel adjustor.

To lower the action the tuner pivots were lowered and a section of the body removed to allow space for the tuners. The locking mechanism was changed as well to use a simple metal loop to be flipped over a post to keep the tuner lever in place.

And it all fits in this 14 by 20 inch suitcase. Some velvet cloth covering is still needed to make it more professional looking but that will have to wait until after the pandemic eases up.