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Optimized JSON in C (OjC), as the name implies, was written to provide speed optimized JSON handling. It is derived from the underlying C parser in [Oj]( The intended use is for applications that need the maximum performance when reading large JSON document from a file or socket.

Besides being a true streaming parser OjC produces a structure that handles all JSON constructs. It does not use a Hash or Map to represent the JSON object type but keeps all occurances of a pairs in the object element. Duplicates are allowed just as they are in JSON documents.

Multiple JSON elements are allowed in a single stream or from a socket. A callback mechanism is provided to return full JSON elements for each entry in a JSON stream.

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Out of Hiding

April 26, 2017

Nothing has changed but a new landing page was added to let folks know there is a fast JSON parser in C to compliment Oj in Ruby.