Friday, February 05, 2010


Hey all, If you are both still reading this...
I have been having a lot of problems posting, soooo I am switching to a blogger address...
be forewarned, and get ready, I may actually post again soon!
Here's a little anecdote for you...
Lee and Tenna are best bud. Lee and Andi are siblings. Lee loves to get all up in Andi's business and she just doesn't know how to handle him. Today he pulled himself up to standing on the couch just so he could try to pull her necklaces off of her. Ah kids!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Excuses, excuses, but this one is bit funny...

and a bit sad.
I do have Christmas pictures, but I also have a sick kiddo. He just started round three of antibiotics for ear infections. He had a rough night last night. I got home late from young women's last night to a fussy guy. He ate and napped for about 15 minutes. He woke up sad and stuffy, then promptly projectile vomited on my and the entire keyboard of the computer. Yeah, it's had a good run, 6 years is a long time for a computer, I think we will just replace the keyboard, it's not like you can just throw it in the washer. So forgive me, but there will be no pics for a while!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Thanks you antibiotics


I finally feel like I can poke my head above the water. Here is a recap of the past month. I finally did it. I cut Andi's hair. Really. No whimpy trim, a real cut. She hated having her hair brushed and it was so fine so it always had a big nest in the back. I don't have a good after pic, just her and Lee being presents under the tree.


Tenna was too busy pouting to be in the picture. That is pretty common right now. I think she is working very hard to assert her 4 year old independance. *sigh* All the kids were very excited to set up the Christmas tree. Gramma J keeps bringing more ornaments, so our tree looks quite fun and decorated now.


The girls were helping me put groceries away one day when they had this fabulous idea. Apparently every royal throne needs some canned veggie towers next to it. I dunno, maybe they are torches, but this is the throne. They even put off eating their popcorn balls to keep them as decorations!


And for Mr. man. He is doing better every day. He has been sick, sick, sick. He now weights less than he did a month ago. All the kids (and I) have had pink eye. He is jsut getting over an ear infection and bronchitis. That sucked. I admit the girls spoiled me. When they are sick they just want to be treated and left alone to sleep. He wanted to be held. It was great snuggle time, but I am pretty sure they could have admitted me for mental testing after that much sleep deprivation. Anyways, thank you antibiotics, I love you! Note: if you put ear numbing drops in your baby's ears, make sure they soak in before kissin' on his lips were numb for and hour.

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Monday, November 16, 2009



We had our first serious snow this weekend. We woke up Saturday morning dissappointed to find no snow. By 11am we were running around watching the flakes fall. It was beautiful. The kids were having some fun with umbrellas and making paths in the snow. I am glad they didn't poke their eyes out.


Lee has become more active. I tried to capture his lunging progress, but couldn't. He would get up on his knees and throw himself (faceplant style) forward. I'm guessing he is going to be a bit fearless.
We had a family home evening tonight to brush up on baby sign. I have a feeling we will be using "eat," and "more," a lot. I nursed him, then fed him cereal, then little pieces of bread, and he still wanted steak. He is so funny when he wants something. He just stares at it and shakes a little bit. I just couldn't bring myself to giving him steak yet. He has his 6 month check up tomorrow. It goes way too fast!


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Saturday, November 07, 2009



Little man is officailly rolling in both directions. Apparently all he needed was a little motivation. Here's the story. I put him on his tumm on the floor with some toys while I ate with the girls. He was so quiet I completely forgot about him and when I remembered he was awake I was worried he had died or something! Nope he just rolled onto his back to watch our Friday night show.
He is a very happy boy, people always ask me if he is always like that, and I must say he almost always is. I took him to the fabric store and he laughed his head off at the cut table. He loves it when I fold large sheets or towels so he thought that rolling out bolts and folding cloth was a hoot. They offered to keep him. I declined.


The girls have been begging me to rake leaves. Yesterday they laid on the trampoline and squeeled as the leaves fell onto them from the tree. This morning we finally had enough fallen leaves for piles. They had a great time. Andi did have her first splinter though. That is pretty traumatic on little kids! I felt terrible trying to dig it out, but smart daddy produced a sucker to help her bare the pain. It's a good thing he paid atention in his pain management module!
I am sooo behind, but here are a few milestones from the month...
Tenna can do the monkey bars by herself!
Andi now knows the names of dinosaurs I can hardly pronounce and their eating habits.
I gave myself whiplash on the trampoline, but it was so worth it.
Albert is down to 18 months of school left! (But I am not counting down)
Tenna is doing so well in preschool. They did a little show and I was AMAZED at how well she did. She was so focused and was the first to shout out almost all of the letters and all of the colors.
The list goes on...I mostly wanted to update the great-grandparents!


The girls love having me jump with them. They mostly sit in the middle and command me to dance around them and sing silly songs. It's a good workout for me and I get to hear lots of giggles, so I don't mind. These sessions usually end in a wrestling match. I recently "surrendered," to Tenna during a match. When I explained to her what that meant she was quite excited to be in charge. Needless to say I could only allow her reign to last for ten minutes. Andi had a turn as dictator as well, but I find she is not as demanding (or creative). Phew!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall break for the best dad EVER!


Albert and I have been talking about getting a trampoline for a while so he has been a diligent daddy this break and checkd for used ones. Yesterday it all bore fruit and he came home at dinner time and madly set this bad boy up! He totally got the best dad ever award from the kids. They even ate dinner to earn a chance to bounce before bed time! What did he do with the first part of his day? Oh he helped me clean the whole house! I know!
Don't worry he did get some fun reading in this week. We went to the fun center to bounce. He helped a TON with the kids when I was sick. I know you don't look forward to the grind tomorrow, but thanks for making break so fun!


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Friday, October 09, 2009

Rompin' and Rollin'


Yes, it's official. My little man is getting mobile. He has been able to use his legs (while on his back) to scootch for a little while and he has just mastered that art of roling. He is one of those strange kids who LIKES tumy time, so I lay him on his back to play with dangly toys and he flips right over. Silly goose. He is the youngest of the kids to be able to consistantly roll over. He is also getting pretty good at sitting with very little interfierance. I need to start hiding doll slipper and the like, unless I like finding these trifles in poopies. I'm pretty sure I feel strongly enough to get working on that.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tenna's bangs


Here Nicole, a picture of Tenna's self made bangs. The funniest part is, I think Andi took a whole set of these pictures. I didn't take them, and the camera was left at the computer desk, so I guess this is what they did while I was ignoring them to feed Mr. man.

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Andi loves Lee too


I put Lee down for a nap after getting Tenna from Preschool only to hear him laughing and chattering while I was making lunch. Lo and behold, Andi was having some fun time with brother. He does love a rousing game of peek-a-boo.


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Friday, September 18, 2009


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Lee LOVES his toes. He cannot get enough. I am amazed that he can reach them with all the chunk in the way. He is very tasty isn't he?!?

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

4 months, and they still love him!


The girls still love their little brother and try very hard to make him laugh. Tenna loves that she can hold him by herself now, though he will be too big and wiggly soon. We joke that he is going to be the first one to outgrow a booster seat someday, and that may not be far off. He is off the charts for height still, though in the 90th percentile for weight. I am most pleased that he has such a calm temperment.


Tenna is loving pre-school, and the independance that comes with it. Andi loves some quiet time with mom. Life is good!

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