Green Machine

The goal was the same as the first bike I made. It had to fit in a suitcase that was within the airline size limits of 26x26x10 inches.

The bike would use the same geometry that I'm pleased with. That geometry is with the rear wheel tucked in tight for traction while climbing and a tall head tube to allow better breathing while gasping for breath on climbs. The chain tensioner design is a slide along the bottom bracket.

After figuring out the design using OmniGraffle the next step was to make a full size drawing on a large sheet of paper. Then the fun could really begin.

I got the project moving by building and welding up the slide for the bottom bracket.

Next came the mitering and the frame. Once I got started on that Chris cringed and offered to do the majority of the rest of the welding. What can I say, he is a master and I'm just a hobbyist. It was the right decision to let him do the rest of the welding while I handled the custom parts and a bit on the rear sections.

Soon the frame was all welded. Geometry check on the full size drawing show a match.

Taking a peak at some of the details, the slide first.

Then the pivot.

Powder coating was in multiple stages. First the metalic undercoat followed by a blue green and then lots of clear coats.

As planned, it fit in a suitcase and made it to Toronto. As expected for a mountain bike it does get dirty after a ride.