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The Intense Trace started out with a Rohloff hub but I converted it to a singlespeed before getting the Moots. It went from a 30 pound bike to a 23 pound bike. I replaced pretty much everything on it. The front shocks are now the 2001 RockShox SID SL with the lockout feature. Brakes are Avid Supremes. Mavic rims with titanium spokes, Chris King hubs, and Richie tires. The front wheel is almost a pound lighter than before. The light weight makes a huge difference. It will probably become a geared bike someday.

This is the Intense Tracer with a Rohloff internal geared hub. Picked that up at the very end of July 2000. It was one high tech bike. Tricked it out fairly well with Marzocchi shocks, XTR brake set, M858 pedals. A little disapointed that it weighed 30 pounds though. I thought I was going pretty light.

Here I am standing next to the toy. I like the balance and the geometry. It handles great on the corners and can make some pretty tight turns. The rear shock lets you just roll over the obstacles and yet the lockout makes it nice and solid on the climbs. You have to work pretty hard on the climbs though. I don't know if it's the weight or the hub but it is a little slow. My guess is it's the weight.

I made a small custom torque arm so that it is easier to slip the back wheel on and off. Both wheels and the seat need to be removed when packing the bike into the EV1. From the picture on the left you can see that the arm is faitly thick, 1/4 inch aluminum. I used my robot to mill out part. It should fit any bike with disk brake mounts, as long as they aren't being used for disk brakes.