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I'm Peter Ohler and this is my site. Documentation and links for Open Source Software are included as well as some information about some of my hobbies both past and present.
2021-08-08 How Oj Just Got Faster
The original Oj parser is a performant parser that supports several modes. As of this writing Oj is almost 10 years old. A dinosaur by coding standards. It was time for an upgrade. Oj::Parser is that upgrade. It's faster and has a cleaner option API.
2021-07-03 OjG v1.12.0 Release
MongoDB output can now be parsed by the SEN parser. Just pipe output from mongosh to the oj application with the -mongo option.
2021-05-23 OjG v1.11.0 Release
Not much changed in the API but the code for encoding structs received a major performance bump. Simple type encoding is still as fast as ever.
2021-04-18 OjG Tokenize is FAST
2021-02-22 The Pretty JSON Revolution
Wouldn't it be nice if more JSON tools supported a truly pretty JSON format? Demand options for truly pretty JSON now! Viva la revolucion!
2021-02-02 Building Solid Go GraphQL Applications Quickly
It seemed like a good time to talk about black box testing with GTT since a new super tolerant script file loader was added by using the SEN file parser.
2020-12-30 WebSockets with GraphQL in Go the Easy Way
With a little time over the holidays I wrote an example of using WebSockets with GraphQL with the golang GGql package. I've been using GGql heavily at UHN and it has been holding up well with subscriptions and auth as well as other layers to make mongo database integration easier.
2020-09-23 OjC vs Simdjson
2020-06-22 OjG Released
2020-06-09 GGql Becomes Open Source
2018-08-18 Agoo Release
Older news.
I decided to learn to play the upright bass or double bass so of course I had to build a couple that could be taken apart to travel with.
I've built a few bikes over the years.
2003 - First One
2017 - Green Machine
The most recent was with Chris Kelly.
Old Stuff
Electric Cars, Robotics, Early Bicycles, and more.
Ohler Consulting
My latest gig is in Toronto working for a local hospital to centralize data storage and provide access to that data.